The International Movement for a Balanced, Re-mothered Future!

For millennia, indigenous matriarchal societies of peace all over the world have been showing us how an egalitarian, caring society is entirely possible, with practical ways of being that work for everyone; not a utopia!

By placing the principle of mothering at their heart and trusting in the mother-given world, a matricentric social order is re-created, day by day.

From all over the world, as sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, scholars and feminists, carers and human beings – we need to learn from these societies how to re-mother or re-matriate our own social order as we strive for:

A Peaceful World in Balance

Let’s create a #MATRIFUTURE together!

The capitalist patriarchy embraces the belief that the world must, at any level, be transformed, controlled, supplemented and even replaced by an artificial, human-made counter-world.

We now face a number of life-threatening crises that are dragging human beings down into a state of separation and loneliness, as well as progressively more impoverished communities. The fundamental crisis of the natural sphere we're witnessing today threatens life itself and even the one and only planet we can live on, our beloved Mother Earth.

Given these multiple global crises, new and creative approaches are essential for the survival of humanity and our entire planet.

Together we can move from a PATRIcentric, control-based and divisive social order to a MATRIcentric, flow-based and integrating society.

We can transform our society

from a Patri-crisis towards Matri-ecology and a Gifting Society

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In a #MATRIFUTURE, bigger is not necessarily better.

Priority is given to the smaller units of society, responsible for engendering a more person-to-person and transparent approach. This means developing structures that foster various types of alliances among neighbouring communities and networks of women and men that meet the needs of mothers and children.

In a #MATRIFUTURE, gift-giving and the life-creating flow of a gift represent the core economic principles in regional networks and the dignity of every generation is honoured.

We overcome artificial divisions between women and men, between the old and young, between sexual preferences, different abilities and between the body, mind, and soul by building up networks founded on the ongoing sharing of resources based on need.

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The #MATRIFUTURE we create is aware of the mutual bond between humans and nature.

The world itself is seen as a living organism and the sacredness of Mother Earth and of all her children is respected.

It's up to all of us to make this a reality!



Everybody who shares our vision

is invited to sign this declaration and pass it on via their networks.

You can sign the Declaration here:

Please read the statement before signing: By submitting this form, you agree that your submitted information will be stored and displayed on the website. The publicly displayed personal information is name, city and country and your comments regarding Matrifuture. All other transmitted personal data are protected and will not be passed on. You agree to receive information from Matriforum at your email address. Removal requests will be completed within 30 days.

Visions for #MATRIFUTURE

You can download the Declaration in different Languages

Download in GERMAN

Download in ENGLISH

Download in ITALIAN (Thanks to Sandra Capri for the translation)

Authors (in alphabetical order):

Max Dashu. Founder of the suppressed histories archives to carry out research into women in the global cultural record. She teaches with images on matriculture, ceremony, medicine women, witches, female rebels and all kinds of indominable women. www.suppressedhistories.net, www.maxdashu.net

Dr. Andrea Fleckinger, Ph.D. Founder of MatriForum, sociologist, social worker and feminist. In her research, she focuses on gender equality, gender-based violence, social work, mothering and the possibilities for social transformation. www.matriforum.com

Dr. Heide Goettner-Abendroth, Ph.D. Founder of Modern Matriarchal Studies. Her magnum opus is Matriarchal Societies. Studies on Indigenous Cultures Across the Globe, (Lang 2013, New York). In 1986 she founded the “International ACADEMY HAGIA for Matriarchal Studies” and has been its director ever since. www.goettner-abendroth.de, www.hagia.de.

Dr. Kaarina Kailo, Ph.D. Expert on ecofeminism, gifting, indigeneity, Bear and Mother worship, Finno-Ugric mythology, sauna, and sweat lodge healing. She has held Women’s Studies positions in Finland and Canada. She's a self-made artist and municipal councilor. www.kaarinakailo.info

Miki Kashtan, Ph.D. Practical visionary, and a founding member of the Nonviolent Global Liberation community which functions fully within maternal gifting principles. She blogs on Fearless Heart.

Dipl. Ing. Anna Pixner. Founder of MatriForum. She has a degree in Engineering and is a passionate pedagogue and trainer. She empowers women and girls on their way to finding both themselves and their roots. www.matriforum.com

Dipl. Phil. Simone Plaza. Founder of MatriForum. She has a degree in Philology and is a simultaneous translator. As a professional mediator between languages and cultures, she realizes the fundamental value of communication to find alternative solutions to crucial social problems. www.matriforum.com

Dr. Erella Shadmi, Ph.D. Israeli social-feminist and sociologist activist in a variety of fields: activities for peace and social change, the study of Israeli society and police, women and feminism and research and post-patriarchal activism, giving and matriarchal societies. www.erellashadmi.com

Dr. MMag. Simone Wörer, Ph.D. is an independent feminist researcher. She's a member of the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth and the Forschungsinstitut für Patriarchatskritik und alternative Zivilisationen (FIPAZ). Her research interests include: Theories of the Gift, the Critical Theory of Patriarchy, Ecofeminism. www.fipaz.at, www.pbme-online.org

Where we started:

On 11 and 12 September 2021 we met at the conference Faster, Bigger, Richer – Why Growth at Any Price Needs an Alternative and at the Political Day to Celebrate the 80th Birthday of Heide Goettner-Abendroth, organized in Berlin by MatriForum and the Internationale Akademie Hagia. This international event brought together researchers from four continents and diverse disciplines under a common vision: to strive for a different, egalitarian social order inspired by the matriarchal paradigm.

As a result of the incentives and strength experienced, we decided to give our vision a more tangible shape, based on the initiative by Kaarina Kailo which was immediately supported by Simone Wörer, Heide Goettner-Abendroth, Andrea Fleckinger and Anna Pixner. This initial spark was joyfully taken up by Erella Shadmi and Simone Plaza and had the power to win over international researchers such as Max Dashu and Miki Kashtan, who could not be at the conference themselves.

How to bring it about:

The declaration results from the conference and represents a starting point.

It summarizes our diverse ideas of a matriarchal, matricentred future in a short, concise text with the aim of inspiring you and your loved ones to join our vision and play an active part in creating the #MATRIFUTURE.

All those who support a #MATRIFUTURE

Dr Alessandra Piccoli
Altopaino della Vigolana , Italia

Dr. Andrea Fleckinger
Pfitsch - Südtirol , Italy

Angela Di Ianni
Trento, Altopiano della vigolana

Angela Briles
Odessa, Tx

Anne Ehrlich
Berlin, Germany

Annemiek Made
Rijsbergen, Nederland

Annette Aerts
Amsterdam, Nederland

Dr. April Heaslip
Santa Barbara, United States

Ms Beverley Dale
Bristol, UK

Christiana Aro-Harle
Ruotsinpyhtää, Finland

Claudia Mitter
Rühen, Deutschland

Corinne Daguenet
Maastricht , Netherlands

ms Dido Dunlop
lower hutt, new zealand

Dr. Erella Shadmi
Haifa, ישראל

Floriana Rubino
Berlin, Germany

Francavilla a are , Italia

Culture producer and culture researcher Helena Karhu
Joensuu, Finland

Henny van Malkenhorst
Honselersdijk, Netherlands

Sig.ra Irene Antonioli
Stienta, Italia

Ms Jo Yurky
London, Uk

Judy Ashby
Maine, Usa

Kym Bavcevich-Ikeda
Dartford, United Kingdom

mrs Leena Rapola
Helsinki, Suomi

Letecia Layson
Austin, United States

Dr Louise Pare
Adhland, USA

Dr. Mary Condren
Tallaght, Ireland

Independed fine arts professional Meri Peura
Tervakoski, Finland

Miss Sabina Santovetti
Rome, Italy

Ms Sarah Neville
Hope Valley, United Kingdom

Dr. Stephen Beall
Milwaukee, USA

Dr. Stephen Beall
Milwaukee, USA

Albert Fresz
Tonndorf, Deutschland

Frau Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling
Berlin, Deutschland

Vslencua, Austria

Anna Pixner
Rohr im Kremstal, Österreich

01785390049 Anna Otte
Hürth, Deutschland

Armin H. Klein
Bremen, Deutschland

Barbara Heubeck
München, Deutschland

Dr Barbara Baum
Bremen , Deutschland

Bernhard Eckert
Amerang, Deutschland

Birgit Schnecke
München , Deutschland

GESELLSCHAFT IN BALANCE e.V. c/o Gandalf Lipinski
Witzenhausen, Hessen

Catherine Weitzdörfer
Regensburg, Deutschland

Christiane Wanielik
Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Christina Schlatter
St.Gallen, Schweiz

Christine Österlein
Wallhäuser Str 7, Deutschland

Claudia Lodders
Tauberbischofsheim, Baden-Württemberg

Claudia Lämmermeyer
Moosdorf, Österreich

Claudia Gutzeit
Rodgau, Deutschland

Claudio Harder
Zürich, Schweiz

Daniela Gruber
Meran, Italien

E. Annelore Kuck
Oldenburg, Deutschland

Elke Larson
Schondorf, Deutschland mit

Eva Heinloth-Warkotsch
München, Deutschland

Eva-Maria Gent
Kassel, Deutschland

Mag. Prof. Evelyn Bernadette Mayr
Eggendorf im Traunkreis, Österreich

Dr. Gabriele Tscherenkov
Halle, Deutschland

Gabriele Kapp
Unterensingen, germany

Gabriele Kapp
Nürtingen, Deutschland

Gandalf Lipinski
Witzenhausen, Hessen

Gerti Machacek
Wien, Österreich

Gerti Machacek
Wien, Österreich

Harald Pixner
Rohr im Kremstal, Österreich

Dr. Heide Goettner-Abendroth
Winzer, Deutschland

Dipl. Med. Heike Wentland
Ascheberg/ Herbern, Deutschland

Dipl. Med. Heike Wentland
Ascheberg/ Herbern, Deutschland

Studentessa Ilaria Chinetti
San Lorenzo Dorsino, Italia

Dr.in Ingrid Mairhuber
Wien, Österreich

Iris Baumann
Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Irmgard Müller
Salzburg , Österreich

Frau Iva Samina
Berlin, Deutschland

Johanna Schacht
Wiesbaden , Deutschland

Julia Harnischfeger
Berlin, Deutschland

Kira Holzheuer
Mainz, Deutschland

Kirstin Koppehele
Ahrensburg, Deutschland

Laura Hirch
München, D

Margit Kalchmair
Ungenach, Österreich

Marion Lindemann
Niederviehbach, Deutschland

Martin Ledvinka
Langenhagen, Deutschland

Martina Engel-Fürstberger
Potsdam, Deutschland

Michaela Peters
Viechtach, Deutschland

Herr Miroslav Großer
Berlin, Deutschland

Nicole Schröter
München, Deutschland

Nina Pfeifer
Kufstein, Austria

Frau Regina Jassens-Schlatter
Hannover , Deutschland

Regina Hundchock
Recklinghausen , D-NRW

Renate Seeber
Brixen Südtirol, Italien

Renate Fuchs-Haberl
Nußdorf am Haunsberg, Österreich

Sabine Fartash
Königsbrunn, Deutschland

Sabine Bender
Marburg, Deutschland

Saskia Baumgart
Berlin, Deutschland

Saskia Baumgart
Berlin, Deutschland

Simone Plaza Finis
Berlin, Deutschland

Prof Sonja Umstätter
Berlin, Deutschland

Sonja Dommermuth
Bad Gandersheim, Deutschland

Steven Grohe
Dunkelsdorf, Deutschland

Tanja Hintze
Berlinlin, Deutschland

Ute Grempel
Potsdam, Deutschland

Frau Veronika Trenkwalder
Vipiteno, Italien

Walter Moritz
Schlitz, Deutschland

Wolfgang Kalchmair
Ungenach, Österreich

Yvonne Perathoner
Oetwil am See, Schweiz